Living as a transsexual

I can understand feeling like suicide is the only option left in your life. But the problem I see is when passing becomes an overriding consideration, when passing becomes so important in life that it begins to dictate how you are. Kiss as a woman? But it's never been that simple for me. Part of how I now see myself is why I share these experiences with you. How many people who have lived their lives as men know how to make love as a woman?

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Inspiration for Living Life & Practical Applications of Psychology


That growing sense of comfort, that expanding level of self-acceptance, was the single-most significant development in me in those early days. My son has told me flat out that if I stood out like a sore thumb he wouldn't be nearly so accepting of me Now, if you plan to have no friends, that might be okay. I assure you, if you're stealth for any period of time and finally come out to a friend they'll ask why you didn't tell them sooner. It seemed like nirvana. There really weren't many successful transsexuals out there for others to learn from, to see that there really was some sense of hope for happiness after risking everything you've ever known and loved. It's taken a lot for me to figure out who I am and where I fit in the world.

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They transitioned, and they hid. Men are taught from earliest childhood to avoid allowing themselves to be vulnerable. For example, many men feel that by omitting something they're not lying or being untruthful, and I suppose technically that's true. Approach sex with the same mindset as a woman does? Part of the reason is because the internet wasn't there to provide the connection that we have today. In my book I write that I think women have a much deeper sense of honesty than men do please forgive the generalization.

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