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Perhaps I will soon my hot co-worker naked? All of a sudden something wet, thick, gooey hit me throat and I knew what it was it was salty man juice. He is 19 years old, has blue eyes and dirty blonde short hair. Chunky Bodybuilder Sex Story Having a bird's-eye view of the assorted fat guys meant enjoying an interesting perspective of the rounded bellies below. I quickly bent and liked his cum from his navel, and then set to work on his nipples.

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His girlfriend has been home from Uni. Knowing I was close to coming myself, I wanted to fill his ass with cum, and make him walk home with it dripping from his ass. With my cock still inside him, I reached up and pulled off his blindfold, and held out my tongue for him to kiss it. So I easily pulled down his silky boxers and reviled an 8. I have two tattoos, but they are unimportant. Within minutes we were lying on a blanket of our clothes, our naked hot bodies rubbing against one another in the cool air of the outside world. I am Vince, I am 21, and am about 5'11" tall, with a 34" waist, and weigh about lbs.

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