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Fact is, in our culture, public display of affection is not right and anything to do with love should be private. It's already illegal to be gay in Uganda. Each country has its own culture. When Members of Parliament pass a law,the president has no right to revoke it. But Uganda's anti-gay laws have become even harsher. Despite hearing these stories of hardship and experiences of discrimination, it was clear that many brave and inspiring activists and organisations alike were working intensely to ensure that LGBTI asylum-seekers were supported wherever possible. We hope that we are able to have Pride Events again.

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Kenya: Stories of a hidden LGBT population from Uganda


Christine Stegling blogs about how women's rights were at the forefront of the media during and what this means for the HIV response. Privacy Policy We ask for your sexual orientation so we can personalise our services and improve your experience with OutOfOffice. Click on the image to view a large version of the map Tightening laws and increasing punishments Legal rights are diminishing for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex LGBTI people across the African continent. Mapping anti-gay laws in Africa. To make you comfortable, President Museveni years ago had an interview on Travel Trade Magazine and seemed to have no issue against gay tourists. Unless otherwise stated, the appearance of individuals on this website gives no indication of either sexuality or HIV status. Uganda is a very lovely country that you should definitely pay a visit.

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Uganda is considered to be one of the most dangerous countries for gay people. We mind so much about tourism and with the fact that Uganda is one of the finest countries in Africa for a safari, we would definitely want you to pay a visit and enjoy the beauty of this country. How teenagers in Ukraine seek social justice amid conflict 11 August Ahead of International Youth Day meet Yana — an inspiring young activist seeking social justice amid political and social unrest. Since then, LGBT has been very much underground unlike before. We continue to have grave concerns about the global gag rule's impact for our partner organisations and the communities they serve.

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