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Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of World Religions. A tablet extolling the virtues of the deceased, mounted on a stone representation of Bixi in the form of a tortoise , is often the centerpiece of the ensemble. Art in Renaissance Italy, — Initially, Christians avoided iconic images of religious figures, and sarcophagi were decorated with ornaments, Christian symbols like the Chi Rho monogram and, later, narrative religious scenes. Tomb is a general term for any repository for human remains, while grave goods are other objects which have been placed within the tomb.

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It has a life-size effigy, also known as a gisant , lying on the sarcophagus, which was common from the Romanesque period through to the Baroque and beyond. The mausoleums of the kings of Orchha , from the 16th century onwards, are among the best known. Cuthbert Gospel of St. Cremation is traditional among Hindus, who also believe in reincarnation , and there is far less of a tradition of funerary monuments in Hinduism than in other major religions. Harvard University Press,

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None of these have ever been allowed to be excavated, so their possibly spectacular contents remain unknown. Her Chapter 10 includes a detailed description of the Taj with special reference to its gardens. Early burial customs show a strong belief in an afterlife and a spirit path to it that needed facilitating. The 15th-century royal Tomb of Askia in Mali used the local technique of mud-building to erect a 17 metre high pyramidal tomb set in a mosque complex. Stewart and Rawski's book is entirely devoted to Chinese ancestor portraits.

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