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Change Your Shape Today. Poindexter, and their friendly staff. P made made a rather large and unsightly dent look back to normal, magic! And after 30 years on this earth, she informed me that I did not have oily skin and switched me over to an Austin-Weston moisturizer that has greatly improved my complexion and made my skin look so much better! The board-certified plastic surgeons at Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery understand the importance that skill and artistry play in plastic surgery. However, our office will certainly confirm if any coverage is possible. This procedure can give a more feminine contoured appearance while emphasizing the cheekbone area.

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If the patient has enough excess body fat, an autologous fat transfer will usually produce the most natural-looking results. Murphy achieve you best result. Murphy has a long and distinguished career working with trans patients. After surgery, patients are fitted with a compression garment. The goal of Body Feminization Surgery is to create and accentuate more feminine curves using Liposuction and Fat Grafting. What a sweet doctor!

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A thorough assessment of the body contours of transgender patients can be just as important as facial feminization. While many trans women are satisfied with the body shape changes that are acquired through hormone therapy, others don't achieve the level of feminization desired, which can negatively affect body image, self-esteem and confidence. Wilma Hendrix was super positive and caring in answering all of my questions and making sure I was feeling happy and prepared to take the next step with my surgery. Multiple areas can be treated in one surgery. She is a master at her art.

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