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People decorate their doors with pictures of themselves, what they're all about, what they're looking for sex? They bring on hundreds of thousands of dollars of extra entertainment. Celebrity had a poor way of handling this, and once Rich found out he apologized sincerely and gave us an hour of free alcohol to the ENTIRE ship. Would you recommend it? To add to your comment about the crew--it was amazing to see how much they enjoyed the gay cruises vs.

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Smoke machines, laser lights, etc. They are always more expensive, but I have been on str8 and gay cruises and the the difference is worth it RSVP and Atlantis bring their own entertainment in addition to the best of the crew talent - it's funny, the crew entertainment are usually gay, so they love it. Would you recommend it? You will feel comfortable with your partner. Many people like me are really there for the destination. They just want a place to party. If something goes wrong, you can talk to one of the Atlantis crew members and they almost always go above and beyond your expectations.

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When they first started doing gay cruises, the thumpa thumpa, extra bright lights, and gays on the deck dancing like crazy on-deck made other cruise ships emergently respond because they thought the ship was disabled and the people were panicking. Every one of the ships are different, but most have essentially the same things. Super aged are also welcomed. I've just checked the Atlantis site, and oddly there is no Amsterdam-Barcelona cruise listed for this year. You will probably walk off the boat prouder of being gay than you walked on. I did feel like I was travelling in a bubble, and started to resent the coddling a bit.

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