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Please exit if you are not interested in the idea of stimulating the anus. Think of your prostate gland as your internal joystick that can be operated digitally or by a penis if you are lucky. Gay sex is all about masturbating with or without a partner. Most total bottoms, myself included, will tell you that it really hurts getting fucked for your first time. And make sure the object doesn't come out when you orgasm — that's the best part! Don't go probing around roughly — you could hurt yourself!

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By withholding your own ejaculation you also prolong and deepen your consciousness. You'll feel an increased intensity of the orgasm, and it will be centered on a larger area of your pelvis. Most men have a deep need for complete prostate stimulation. Many of us have very deep psychological associations with the opening and closing of the sphincter — and to do this technique successfully, you need to kind of suspend those for a minute. Never use any object that has even a chance of getting lost inside — if it does, it will likely mean an extremely embarrassing and unpleasant trip to the emergency room. Delay sexual gratification by transmuting your sexual energy into your career, hobby or family.

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Second, the surface of the object must be smooth. However, if you are in search for techniques to enhance your orgasm, you might want to read on. Ptonka Means Prostate in Russian. Lubrication is a requirement. You'll feel an increased intensity of the orgasm, and it will be centered on a larger area of your pelvis. The prostate creates new nerve connections throughout the body linking the penis to the thighs and feet. Nothing at all touching the cock in this pure anal orgasm.

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