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A mans hair does reflect his sexuality Just for the record I don't care what sexuality a person is and would treat someone the same regardless of their sexual orientation. Add a New Topic. Is equal pay fair to market values? I was told that employers might not take me seriously with blue hair.

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Anyone can wear them, But in a college campus, A person wearing them is probably gay. Simon, Venezuelan journalist living in Dublin, details his experience of overcoming fears and social obstacles in order to be more true to himself. Why should I not color my hair too? We used the highest developer Level 40 but my Venezuelan hair was too dark to go white in only one session. Yes, we have sufficient narcissism to want youth restored through artificial coloration. Obama's struggles with the weed may be as much the cause as the psychological efforts of politicking, but this week there has even been perfervid speculation the president is dyeing his hair grey to lend him some gravitas. If you hair starts turning gray, you can put some blue highlights on them.

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And there should be no shame in trying new things in hopes to find what will stick: Yes, we have sufficient narcissism to want youth restored through artificial coloration. I was afraid of my hair being damaged beyond repair. But Obama has already got a buzz cut, so he has few options left. Take male Youtubers and other internet stars as an example, they dye their hair all kinds of colours but most are heterosexuals. I would love my husband to cover his gray hair. Is it fair on the children who are adopted into same-sex households?

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