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But to be on the safe side, you'd better delete anything that might be of interest to the government at least two months before they're likely to get wind of it. Slate logo Sign In Sign Up. I know that if I click "Delete," I'll never see my e-mail again. Dear Google Knows, You're right that Google doesn't actually delete your e-mail when you click "Delete. Dear Farhad, Why don't pop-up blockers work anymore?

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Slate's Farhad Manjoo answers your questions about Facebook, Gmail, and more.

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The New York Times. You weren't shown the gay-cruise ad because your friends are gay or because you became a fan of the group "No on Prop 8," for instance. If a friend of yours presses "Like" on an ad, Facebook will show you the ad, too, plus a note saying which of your friends liked it. The beauty of Google search is that, many times, it seems magically to know what I mean. The company also uses the "Like" feature to determine which ads to show you in the future.

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All of the shortcomings you mention are true—it doesn't do wild cards and can't handle misspellings—but I don't recall these limits ever keeping me from finding the e-mail I was after. Slate logo Sign In Sign Up. I have to confess I've never had that problem. Meet the Gaybros, gay men who like sports, hunting, and beer, and make the rest of the gay community mad: Dear Annoyed, Web browsers' built-in pop-up blockers work on a certain class of pop-ups. Images show police officers standing by while gays cared for their own. Become a fan of Farhad Manjoo on Facebook , where you can leave him comments, suggest column ideas, and ask him tech questions for his advice column, "Dear Farhad.

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