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Minette Walters and the Missing Masterpiece. Three purposes are ordained, of which two immediately make the marriage of two men or women preposterous. Despite being attacked in his memoirs, Veronica Wadley , the editor of the Standard between and , defended Sewell and said she had defended him from management and arts' lobbyists who wanted him sacked. The Greatest Story Ever Sold. Sewell described the painting as having no merit, while the other participants praised it. Nick Clegg is in favour because he is a Liberal Democrat. Sewell was described as bisexual but also described himself as gay, saying he knew he probably was homosexual at the age of six.

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Brian Sewell: 'Why I’m no convert to gay marriage’


Sewell reflected upon the 18th century, giving the perspective of what it would have been like as a 'Grand Tourist'. Retrieved 19 May Soviet double agent Anthony Blunt did no harm to Britain". But every minority has within it a core of single-issue politicians and protesters who are never satisfied and always ask for more, and homosexuals, both male and female, are no exception. Ever since puritanical St Paul was converted two millennia ago, Christian theologians, troubled by the pleasure associated with sexual conjugation, have debated the nature of marriage, eventually, some 1, years ago, declaring it to be a Sacrament. Brian Badonde, one of the best known characters from the comedy show Facejacker , played by Kayvan Novak , is said to be a parody of Sewell. The Greatest Story Ever Sold.

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Brian Sewell's big acid tip — don't drip it into your eyeballs". Retrieved 21 September Why I will never be converted to gay marriage". What, then, are the differences between marriage and a civil partnership? What is the marriage of two men or two women other than a public declaration of their partnership, a natural, secular and universal institution almost as old as civilisation? It proved to be the tipping point into a long and very slow change in the attitudes of society that, six full decades later and almost to the day, gives homosexual men and lesbian women the legal right to enter into marriages.

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