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Question of wedding planning asked by real partner

How do I match a bridal hairstyle with a particular dress neckline?

The most helpful answer to this question came from Faces Makeup and Hair who wrote:

“When choosing a bridal hairstyle, it is more important to consider what suits your face shape rather than what goes with your wedding gown.

That said, if you would like your gown’s neckline to show, consider an updo.

Always have a trial with your hairstylist beforehand to make sure both of you are on the same page.”

Can we ask the celebrant not to say ‘Mr and Mrs’ if I’m not taking his name?

The most helpful answer to this question came from Stephanie Bromley – Marriage Celebrant. She wrote:

“Of course you may!  I always ask my couples how they would like to be presented to their guests.

It can be as simple as “please join me in congratulating John and Jane on their marriage”.  I hope this is helpful.”

When I enquire with a celebrant, what should I be asking them?

The most helpful answer to this question was given by Michael Pratt Celebrant. He wrote:

“This is a great question because celebrants love to answer what you want to know.

I am presuming that you have had a bit of time to chat and feel comfortable with everyone and feel that you could make a connection and work together with your celebrant.

Apart from the obvious first question about being available on your chosen day (otherwise a lot of the questions to follow this one might seem a bit of a waste of time.. lol), you might like to ask your celebrant about what might happen in the very rare chance that they are unable to be your celebrant on the day (ie What is your Plan B?)

Celebrants will always have a Plan B, and C up their sleeves – it is in their nature to be this organised and also to ensure that you, as their client, receive the most professional service possible at all times.

The next topic for questions would center around the financials, and please do not be shy in asking – is to enquire about the celebrant’s fees and what is included (ie a rehearsal, travel, etc) deposit, final payments, cancellations etc.

Most celebrants will have prepared a set of frequently asked questions that they can provide for you to assist with the answers to questions that you may not even have thought of yet.. lol.

I always like to remind my clients…there is no such thing as a dumb question (only dumb answers…usually from me!)”

Melbourne celebrants with something special

Benny Roff Fun Weddings

Striving to have you and your guests “in stitches”, Melbourne celebrant Benny Roff promises to make your ceremony about the marrying couple, instead of just repeating formalities that may have no personal relevance to you. Liking to roll between fun and serious, Benny Roff Fun Weddings promises to keep your guests genuinely entertained and engaged throughout the ceremony. And, as he says, “I’m not sure if it’s a testament to my story telling or an indictment on my professionalism, but I seem frequently to be mistaken for somebody the couple knows… I like to think it’s the former.”

Example review: “This guy! Absolute legend. Benny made this wedding everything we wanted and more! From the awesome introductions and jokes, to recognising the importance of the bond between us, mixing us a cocktail to cement this and symbolise it, to making us feel at ease through the whole lead up, and enjoy the ceremony to the max. We loved it and wouldn’t change a thing. His tone, humour, and use of music was spot on. Could not have lucked out with a better celebrant.”

Zena Lythgo

Working with you, Melbourne celebrant Zena Lythgo promises to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests, and to properly celebrate the love you share and the life you’ve created together. Striving to make your experience fun and easy, calm and enjoyable, and organised and authentic, Zena Lythgo shares your story – shaped by you, for your people.

Example review: “Zena was an absolute delight to deal with. She made everything easy, we felt comfortable opening up with her to share our story. Everyone commented on how real and beautiful the ceremony was, and that they felt the love in the room. It was exactly what we wanted.”

Paul Bonadio – A Stand-up Celebrant

Promising to deliver a “ceremony so fun even your mother-in-law will smile”, Paul Bonadio stands for fun, laid-back ceremonies with lots of chuckles and a dose of sentimentality. “I want your favourite uncle to choke on his chewy with laughter,” he says. He also offers a ‘Pimp My Celebrant’ feature, where you can choose what you want him to wear!

Example review: “Paul made us feel relaxed and made us feel like old friends straight off the bat! He made the whole process so easy and so relaxed, and produced an amazingly funny and genuine ceremony for us. Paul Bonadio – Stand up Comedian. Stand up Man. Ten stars out of five.”

Benn Stone Celebrant – Melbourne Cityside Celebrant

Describing himself as a ‘new age celebrant’, it’s Benn Stone’s mission to be the finest purveyor of modern, fun, people-orientated ceremonies “on planet earth.” Creating something truly unique and individual for your special day, Benn Stone promises to create a fun, memorable, and moving wedding ceremony, that accurately reflects the values and experiences of the couple.

Example review: “Excellent! Exactly what we wanted – someone modern, fun, and happy for us to say what we wanted! Benn helped us make the things we love about each other into personal vows that weren’t too gushy or boring. Our grandparents absolutely loved his style and all the guests commented how engaging he was and how he made the ceremony suit us perfectly. Would highly recommend him to anyone wanting a fun and vibrant ceremony.”

How to avoid a wedding vendor disaster (dresses edition)


In short, you get what you pay for. If you’re after premium wedding vendors to create your dream wedding, be expected to pay a premium price. Understandably, it’s hard to predict whether businesses are going to declare bankruptcy amid your dealings with them, but it’s more likely to occur to a business that is known for being ‘affordable’, rather than for their professionalism or reputability in the wedding industry.

Read the fine print

When choosing a vendor, take your time in reading their contract and the fine print. Unfortunately, due to the excitement of having found your dream vendor, it’s habit to simply sign the contract without checking the details. This can be potentially dangerous, as you need to know exactly what your rights are should a disaster occur – like a vendor declaring bankruptcy.

Find out what your rights are

This ties in with the above tip – make sure you know what your rights are should the business declare bankruptcy or fail to fulfill your order unexpectedly. If the vendor has no obligation to honour your order should a disaster occur, this should be mentioned in the fine print – and should probably be a red flag when considering your vendor options.

You need to go with a reputable vendor who looks after their clients, even when disaster strikes. Your wedding day isn’t one to be toyed with.

Read as many reviews as possible

Easy Weddings has the largest and most trusted review systems in Australia. We collect feedback from thousands of couples to ensure planning your wedding truly is easy.

Every vendor listed with Easy Weddings has a section of their storefront dedicated to their customer reviews. It’s imperative to carefully read these reviews, as they’ll give you an idea of what kind of service to expect from the vendor.

If there’s anything to be concerned about, you’ll be able to identify it in the vendor’s reviews.

And, if a particular vendor has ever had to deal with its worst-case-scenario, you can usually judge a vendor based on how well it’s dealt with the issue at hand, and treated its clients thereafter.

The most popular bridal shop in Sydney

Luv Bridal & Formal – Designer Direct

With eight showrooms across Australia, and over 40 years of experience, Luv Bridal & Formal offers international designer downs at designer direct prices. The highly qualified stylists take a personal interest in the gowns and their clients, and ensure every bride receives that one-on-one experience when searching for their dream dress.

Ferrari Formalwear & Bridal

With stores across Australia and over 20 years experience, Ferrari Formalwear & Bridal offers a spectacular collection of bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses from Australian and International designers. And, with a range of formal wear for men for hire and purchase, you can take care of all your wedding attire needs in one store!

Sweethearts Bridal Boutique

rides and grooms for over 20 years, and with multiple awards under their belt for their high quality service, Sweethearts Bridal Boutique offers a range of bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, bridal accessories, and men’s and boy’s suits to choose from. You’re sure to find everything to suit your wedding party aesthetic at Sweethearts Bridal Boutique!

Grace Loves Lace

Specialising in luxurious wedding gowns handmade in Australia using European laces and silks, Grace Loves Lace has something gorgeous for every bride. Check out their amazing range today, and read what other happy brides have to say about their experience with Grace Loves Lace!

Fashions by Farina

eart of Sydney, Fashions by Farina has everything a bride could ever want! Now being supplied with 2018 gowns from their designers, Fashions by Farina urges you to act now, or you might miss out on your dream gown! Book your appointment today, and take the next step toward finding your dream wedding dress.