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Mature wedding funding?

Announce your engagement/plan an engagement party

This is your chance to wave the ‘look at me!’ flag and announce your engagement. By having an engagement party, guests will know a wedding is on the way, and to expect to be invited in the next two years or so.

Set your wedding date

Here’s where you put an approximate date you’d like to hold your wedding. This may change depending on venue and vendor availability, but knowing an estimated date will help with the planning time frame and schedule.

Think about your wedding in the grand scheme of things. If you simply cannot afford to have a wedding in the next two years, it’s okay to postpone it until you’re ready. Your engagement duration can be however long you want it to be.

Also, here’s where the consider whether you’d be interested in having a weekday wedding. Weekday weddings and weddings held in quieter months of the year can come with benefits such as discounted rates, or could even mean the difference between securing your dream venue or having to hold off for another year.

Choose the style of wedding

This is where you begin shopping around for ideas and inspiration regarding your wedding theme. Our Real Weddings section is a great tool to use to find out what you envision your wedding to look like. Pick and choose elements you love, and elements you could go without. This is how you’re left with your eventual theme, and wedding colour scheme.

Decide on an approximate number of guests

Deciding the approximate number of guests you’d like to invite will help with other wedding planning elements. Where you hold your ceremony or reception may depend on capacity numbers, so it’s good to have an estimated number in your head before you begin booking vendors. Use the Easy Weddings Guest List tool to manage your numbers.

Another great idea in this regard is to great two lists: an A list, and a B list. This helps because, if a person on the A list isn’t able to come, you can easily replace them with someone from the B list. Read more on this strategy here.

Set your wedding budget

Your wedding budget could mean the difference between an extravagant affair and an intimate DIY barbecue in your back yard. Knowing how much you’re willing to spend on particular elements is crucial, so you don’t find yourself blowing all your money on a venue, and having no budget left for the rest of the wedding.

Also, here’s a good time to decide what you’re likely to spend more on, because you value it more. For example, some brides will spend $20,000 on a wedding dress because it’s important to her, while only spending $1000 on a venue.

Create and manage your wedding budget with the Easy Weddings Budget Calculator.

Choose, confirm, and pay a deposit for your ceremony and reception venues

Your ceremony and reception venues are crucial when it comes to your wedding. Your overall theme should dictate which venue you desire, and your guest list and budget will decide whether you have enough numbers, and whether or not you can afford it.

When choosing your venue, make sure you actually see the venue in person. Visiting the venue will help you visualise whether or not the venue is for you, and whether or not it looks as great as its photos online showed it to be.

Venues need to be booked ASAP, as they become to centrepiece for the rest of your wedding planning. For example, you may want your catering to tie in with your beach venue (seafood), or your decor might go with a particularly rustic barn house venue, but not with an elegant ballroom.

You also need to get straight onto paying the deposits for these venues. If you’re having a weekday wedding in the middle of winter, maybe there won’t be much competition with other engaged couples for booking your dream venue. However, if you’re hoping for a weekend wedding in peak wedding season (the warmer months), you’ll need to book your venue early to secure your desired wedding date.

Sydney wedding music providers

Baker Boys Band

Dedicated to filling your dance floor, Baker Boys Band will set the tone for the most important day of your lives together! Playing anything from the current 40, funk, and all the classics, The Baker Boys are for you! Take a look at their reviews, and read what other happy couples have to say about Baker Boys Band!

Mobydisc – Professional DJ Services

Operating for over 30 years, Mobydisc knows how to create a celebration you’ll remember for a lifetime! With a range of music catering to all ages and tastes, you can rely on Mobydisc to fill your dancefloor!

The White Tree

A customisable three to 12 piece band, The White Tree performs everything from 60s rock and roll to Triple J tunes. Exerting high energy, The White tree know exactly when to play specific songs, and can read the demographic in front of them. Check out their storefront today, and read what happy couples say about their experiences with The White Tree!

Impression DJs

Winner of the ABIA award for nine years, Impression DJs offers highly experienced professionals to fill your dancefloor. All DJs have a minimum of five year experience in the wedding industry, so you can rest assured they know what they’re doing! And, offering lighting tailored to your specific event, Impression DJs have really thought of it all!

Club Band

Providing high energy to every event, Club Band has a reputation built on rocking your wedding. Striving to fill your dancefloor and get the party started, Club Band urges you to check their reviews left by happy couples, and to attend one of their live shows before booking them – so you know exactly what you’re in for!

Vibe Wedding Band

ABIA winner of Best Live Band NSW for 2016 and 2017, and ABIA winner of Best live Band Australia 2017, Vibe Wedding Band offers a full three to six piece group to rock your wedding. Playing genres from pop, funk, and modern rock, and from The Jacksons to Pharrell Williams – Vibe Wedding Band is sure to get your dance floor hopping!

Lark Music

Striving to help a crowd reach its party potential, Lark Music offers everything from acoustic ceremonies to dance-filled weddings. Check out their packages today, and read what other happy newlyweds have to say about Lark Music!

Simple ideas to enhance your DIY wedding


While making your own bomboniere can be time consuming, it can save you a lot of money that you can allocate elsewhere to something more important to you – like a venue or a wedding dress, for example.

The easiest DIY bomboniere to create is something edible, so cupcakes, lolly bags, and sugared almonds work best here. Creating a ‘lolly station’ with a pick and mix type of situation, allows guests to make their own bomboniere. It’s still a ‘thank you for coming to my wedding’ without you forking out hundreds of dollars on something you can easily make yourself.


Though the majority of your decor may have to be hired (tables, chairs, linen, etc) the extra bits and pieces can be collected over your wedding planning duration, and put together as decor for your wedding day.

For example, charity stores and second hand markets are great places to pick up some cheap gems that could add something special to your wedding decor. Glassware sourced from charity stores or perhaps even glass juice bottles or milk bottles collected over time could make for interesting detail pieces for your tables.

Extra dessert

While you’ll have to pay a cake maker to create your wedding cake, it’s a real possibility to ask your vendor to create a smaller cake, and make up the rest of the dessert yourself. For example, whipping up a few batches of cupcakes the day before your wedding isn’t too much of an ask, and can look great on a dessert table beside your wedding cake. Also, ice cream on the side can make a smaller cake feed stretch further!

Macaron towers and donuts walls can also be created yourselves, saving you money that can be used elsewhere!


Ever set up your camera on timer, and stood in front of it? That’s essentially what a photobooth is, without the added extras that make them so special and entertaining. If you were to DIY your photobooth, you just need a tripod, a camera, some kind of fun background, and lots of props and costumes to make the photos fun!


What you do with your guestbook is entirely up to you, though some crafty couples have been known to create Polaroid guest books (where guests take photos of themselves at your wedding, place it in the book, and write a message for the newlyweds), and fingerprint boards (where guests stamp their fingerprint onto a poster, and together create the leaves of a tree).

What NOT to DIY for your wedding


Unless you’re proficient at graphic design, creating your own wedding invitations might be more effort than they’re worth. While it might be easy to get one invitation looking absolutely perfect, imagine having to do the same 100 times over. This entire process may take away valuable time you could be using on other things. And, when you add up the eventual costs of materials, you might end up spending the same amount making your own invitations as you would buying them from a professional wedding invitation vendor.


Unless you’re a seamstress or a tailor, it’s probably best to leave your wedding dress to the experts. If you’re used to sewing and altering your own clothes, you might be more inclined to give your dress a go yourself, but your wedding dress is something extremely important, and has no room for slip ups or mistakes. Plus, creating your dress from scratch will be extremely time consuming, and may burn you out before you get really stuck into other elements of your wedding day.

Additionally, the materials purchased to produce your dream dress may end up costing you a similar amount to what a custom dress designer would charge, and at least with a professional you’re safeguarded against mistakes or malfunctions through a signed contract.


In a day and age where every person and their dog owns a camera and hails themselves a ‘photographer’, it can be tempting to ask one of your family members to take your wedding photography. The issue with this is, your family and friends are invited to your wedding to participate – not observe. Giving a family member or a friend such responsibility can go one of two ways: they can take it too seriously and not join in on the celebrations at all, or they can knock off early and miss all the important moments while they get a drink at the bar.

Also, professional photographers are trained in what they do. They know what lighting to use, how to get you and your guests to pose, and how to keep everyone happy amid tiresome and sometimes boring photoshoots. Your family member or friend (usually) won’t have these skills, and it will show in the final product at the end of the day.


There are definitely some benefits to doing your own wedding makeup. For one, you’ll look exactly like you always do. You won’t feel like somebody else under all those layers of foundation, powder, and fake eyelashes. But where’s the fun in that?

The time spent in your hotel room with your bridesmaids getting ready is a time you’ll cherish to years to come! You primp and prime yourself every day – why not allow a professional to do it on the most important day of your life?

Makeup artists are equipped with the skills to create the perfect bridal look. They know what make up looks good in certain lights, and what looks best in wedding photography. Trust them – they know what they’re doing!

Doing your makeup yourself might save you a quick buck, but is it really worth it when your wedding photography (that you paid for) comes back underwhelming, and you look under the weather?