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Melbourne wedding flowers with something special

Thrive Flowers & Events

With over 19 years experience, and winners of the ABIA Floral Design award for 2017, Thrive Flowers & Events offer you something truly special for your wedding day. Passionate about creating works of art, everything this florist creates is designed to suit what you envision for your day. And, with experience creating large floral displays for the likes of Rainbow Serpent Festival, you know to expect something great with Thrive Flowers & Events!

Naomi Rose

Specialising in weddings, Naomi Rose offers unique tailored floral arrangements for your big day. Passionate about creating something that’ll suit your individual needs, you can rest assured you’ll receive something truly special for your wedding. Check out her gallery and reviews today, and read what other happy couples have to say about Naomi Rose!

La Plume de Fleur

Specialising in exquisite artificial flowers, La Plume de Fleur offers bouquets, hair accessories, and decorations created with the high quality of faux florals for your special day. These flowers look and feel just like fresh flowers – only silk and real-touch flowers are used to look as real and natural as possible. Check out what La Plume de Fleur can create for you, and begin crafting what you envision for your day!

Little Posies

Creating personalised wedding bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres, Little Posies offers something truly unique and special for your wedding day. Specialising in handmade button arrangements, these creations are sure to become a cherished keepsake for years to come! Check out Little Posies and their services today!

Oak & Holly Flowers

Working with a range of unique, locally grown and seasonal flower inspired by the Australian bush landscape, Oak & Holly offers to create the perfect floral arrangements to suit your wedding aesthetic. With experience working in bush settings, forests, barns, churches, and city venues, Oak & Holly has something to suit every wedding! Check out their gallery and reviews today!

Wedding catering alternatives you need to consider

“Family meal”

The family meal alternative to wedding catering is a more relaxed take on a sit-down meal. For instance, usually the marrying couple has narrowed their menu down to two options: lets say chicken and vegetarian. Depending on what you as a guest has chosen, that’s what will land in front of you when the waiters bring the food out.

The family meal, instead, refers to when waiters place an assortment of dishes in the middle of the table. Usually this is enough to feed all people seated at that table to share among themselves. The family meal alternative

The family meal alternative creates a great sharing atmosphere, and forces guests to interact with one another.


Canapes usually go with a cocktail wedding, where there’s no seated meal involved. This means assorted ‘finger food’ is brought around by wait staff and offered to the guests throughout the night. Though it might not seem like a large meal, the little bits and pieces guests eat as the night progresses will leave them full and satisfied. And, this way, they get to try an assortment of different dishes, rather than just the one they would’ve chosen at a traditionally catered wedding!

Food truck

Couples that choose food trucks to cater their wedding typically put a large emphasis on great tasting food, rather than what it looks like. For example, some couples may sit down and think about what they’d usually like to eat while drinking, and come up with comfort food that can be served out of a truck.

Food served from a truck typically goes well with festival or outdoor weddings, and can create the relaxed atmosphere some couples crave for their wedding.

And, a food truck providing the catering would become a unique talking point at any wedding. So, if the food’s good – why not?!

Grazing board/table

The trend of the grazing board/table has shot to popularity in recent weddings. Not only does a grazing table look amazing, and give your wedding something extra special, it’ll fill up your guests more than they’ll initially realise!

Grazing boards or tables best suit cocktail weddings as guests will be milling about anyway, and will naturally gravitate toward the food. And, most importantly, it’s a great way to feed your guests without the pricetag!

Pros and cons of a cocktail vs seated wedding reception


The typical seated wedding reception includes a seating chart detailing where and who guests sit next to, and a menu consisting of two options chosen by the marrying couple (usually a meat and vegetarian option) that gets placed in front of you by wait staff once everyone is seated for dinner.


One benefit of a seated reception is that it will appear neater and more organised. The seated dinner gives the event a more formal feel, and will allow for natural-flow of the formalities as they will occur directly after everyone’s eaten.

Also, giving the choice of two menu options gives guests a choice in what they eat for dinner.

And finally, forcing guests to sit beside people they may not have usually chosen to sit next to can really kick off the mingling, and allow groups to mix and match and meet new people – which is never a bad thing!


Having a seated reception can frustrate guests who only want to sit next to who they want to sit next to. This can create some animosity among guests who may feel forced to mingle.

Additionally, while the two-option menu does allow guests to make their own choice, some particularly fussy guests, or even guests with dietary requirements, may be lumped in with the masses and miss out on what they really want/need.

And finally, seated three-course meals are generally more expensive as they charge per head – so this is definitely something to consider when you’re choosing between cocktail and seated receptions.


A cocktail wedding reception is an alternative to the traditional seated affair. It usually consists of waitstaff intermittently offering assorted finger-food throughout the night. Guests’ stomachs will be filled without them even realising it!


The great thing about having a cocktail wedding is the overall party atmosphere it creates. For instance, there’s no forcing of groups to sit next to each other, and the entire vibe is more relaxed and informal.

Additionally, because tables and chairs aren’t really a thing at cocktail weddings, there’s more space in the function room to accommodate more guests if that’s what you want.

And, because the waitstaff brings out assorted finger-food options, this gives guests the opportunity to turn down anything they might not like, or are allergic to.


Some opposing opinions about cocktail weddings argue that cocktail weddings feel more like a party, rather than an actual wedding.

Guests may feel uncomfortable with no assigned seat, especially as weddings are typically long days and nights of formalities and speeches. This may cause guests to leave early, as they tire more easily in a standing position.

Perth wedding cars

Belle Classic Limousines

Renowned for their friendly service and range of classic wedding cars and stretch limousines, Belle Classic Limousines offers to ensure you arrive in style to your special day. Their range of chauffeured vehicles include a Chrysler 300C, Jaguars, and Rolls Royces to name a few. Check out their fleet today – you won’t be disappointed with Belle Classic Limousines!

So Cal Limos Perth

Priding itself on being WA’s largest range of classic wedding cars and modern limousines, So Cal Limos Perth can’t wait to be apart of your special day. This family run business provides immaculate cars, limousines, and exceptional service so you can truly enjoy your wedding day. Check out what real newlyweds have to say aboutSo Cal Limos Perth!

Showtime Limousines Perth

With thousands of weddings experience over the past 15 years, Showtime Limousines Perth specialises in making your special day run smoothly. Choose from their elegant Chrysler 300C’s, Hummers, or the Transformers Bumblebee Camaro for that statement arrival to your wedding day. Check out Showtime Limousines Perth today!

Lavish Limousines Perth

With over 10 years experience, Lavish Limousines Perth offers great attention to detail, warm customer service, and professional and friendly chauffeurs for your special day. Packages include complementary refreshments, wheel covers to protect the bride’s dress, neon lighting, wedding ribbons, and red carpet service upon arrival. Click here to read what happy newlyweds have to say about Lavish Limousines Perth!

Thirties Limousines

With superb attention to detail, Thirties Limousines offers rare vintage limousines to transport you on your wedding day. Fully restored to their original state, these vehicles come with air conditioning, a CD-player, iPod connectivity, and a bar. And, as Thirties Limousines have been operating for eight years now, you can rest assured you’ll receive a service you’ll remember!

Gangsta Limousines

A family owned and operated business, Gangsta Limousines is dedicated to delivering the highest quality service for your wedding day. These chauffeured vehicles come with complementary refreshments, vehicle ribbons to match your theme, and a wheel cover to protect the bride’s dress. Check out their gallery today – you won’t be disappointed with Gangsta Limousines!

Unique Limousines

Offering a professional and reliable limousine service, Unique Limousines strive to ensure your transport to and from your wedding is as enjoyable and stress free as possible. These vehicles come with ribbons and teddys, an esky, and mineral water at no extra cost. To arrive in style to your wedding day, you can count on Unique Limousines.

Richmond Palace RR Limousines

Committed to providing a highly professional service, Richmond Palace RR Limousines offers a range of Rolls Royce Limousines to choose from for your special day. These limousines come with air conditioning, have a CD player, leather seating, and hand-crafted wood interior. And, there’s an esky in the boot with ice and water, and each vehicle comes with ribbons of your choice. Check out Richmond Palace RR Limousines today, and begin planning your statement arrival!

JC Classic Automobiles

Operating since 1994, JC Classic Automobile offers a range of chauffeured classic cars for your wedding day. Their fleet consists of a 1952 Jaguar Mark VII, Rolls Royce Silver Shadows, and a 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine. Checkout their fleet today, and read what other happy newlyweds have to say about JC Classic Automobiles!